About us

The popular adage among African societies that problems were created for mankind to address them augurs well with the thinking of the founder of Tanzania Marriage and Child Care Foundation (TaMCare). While acknowledging the existence of the problems and challenges facing the family as a nucleus of human development, TaMCare seeks to address these challenges and turn them into viable opportunities. The organization seeks to contribute towards reduction and ending of existing marriage, family and child care issues in the country and Bagamoyo district in particular.

TaMCare will use various participatory approaches in addressing these challenges and turn them into viable solutions for sustainable family and community welfare. Through education, awareness creation, counseling and provision of supportive care to affected married couples, broken families and vulnerable children, the organization believe it will make a difference in the way Tanzania addresses social-economic hitches facing many families.

TaMCare’s twin-focus beneficiaries are: married and unmarried people as well as female and male teenagers in rural and poverty stricken urban areas. Among the married people some have remained intact as couples while others have since separated-some within just 1-12 months after their union. Some, especially women have been left to look after their off-springs as single parents. 

TaMCare works closely with the central government through ministries, departments and agencies; local government authorities, ward, village, street and hamlet leaders. It will cooperate with family and child care partners and stakeholders to ensure it contributes to remedy the seemingly problematic but important unit in the community-the family as well as children.

What is TaMCare?

Tanzania Marriage and Child Care Foundation, abbreviated as TaMCare is a non for profit -Government civil society organization based in Bagamoyo district in Pwani Region in the United Republic of Tanzania.

It was officially registered by the government as NGO in 2019 and received registration number 00NGO/R/0717.