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The governing Board of the Tanzania Marriage and Child Care Foundation (TaMCare) is scheduled to meet on 8th March 2020 on its first meeting of a c

TaMCare working relationships with local and international civil society organizations and non-governmental organization has been described as “enc

Coast Region and Bagamoyo District Leadership, has welcomed the birth of a new non-governmental organization, the Tanzania Marriage and Child Care

TaMCare head of Finance and Planning Department, Eng.

The TaMCare team in official talks with the Minister for Community Development, Gender, Women and Special Groups -Hon. Dr.

TaMCare in collaboration with the Institute of Social Work organized a two-day marriage and family conference, October 8-9, 2022 held at the Univer

TaMCare Team poses with guests from StrommeFoundation based in Norway after a joint meeting with the District Community Development Officer in Baga

TaMCare has officially launched its own unique program in Tanzania entitled " The Marriage and Relationship Clinic" on November 20