TaMCare boss: Our relationship with other NGOs is “encouraging”

TaMCare working relationships with local and international civil society organizations and non-governmental organization has been described as “encouraging” with a bright future.

Describing the situation of partnership with other long-established NGOs, Rev. Dr. Mlyuka said “Although we are at our infancy stage, we have done everything to establish harmonious relationship with veteran NGOs such as Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA), Tanzania Gender Network Programme (TGNP), Uzazi na Malezi Bora (UMATI), Save the Children International (Tz), Lecri Consult and Tanzania Women Fund (TWF). 

Rev.Dr. Mlyuka said work being done by the Research, Training and Relationships Department under the Secretary of the Committee, Mrs. Nezerina Boma was delivering impact. “Our new partners have shown keen interest in working with us and we have opened our two hands to learn from them”, said Mrs. Boma.