TaMCare Participates in the World AIDS Day

Eng. Ndikilo receiving TaMCare's Strategic Plan and other important documents outlining the organization's activities.

TaMCare Executive Director, Pr.Dr. Enock Mlyuka Introducing the organization's activities to the Coast Regional Commissioner, Eng. Evarist Welle Ndikilo, who was the guest of honour.

Regional Administrative Secretary, Dr. Delphine Diocles Magere visiting the TaMCare pavilion congratulating on the good preparations and appreciating the activities carried out by the organization.

Regional Social Welfare Officer, Mrs. Lyidia Mafole (on the left) in a photo with TaMCare's team during the event.

" TaMCare Executive Director Pr. Dr. Enock Mlyuka (middle) in a joint photo with the  Regional Administrative Secretary  Dr. Delphine Diocles Magere (left) and Bagamoyo District Commissioner Hon.Zainabu Kawawa (right) in celebration of World AIDS Day, Bagamoyo".